Support for Google Scene Viewer?

Is this something worth checking out?

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SceneViewer is legacy and should only be used when WebXR is not available.

If you want to support only minimal interaction (e.g. static models or max. 1 animation) then you’ll probably be fine using which has fallbacks for SceneViewer (it’s just “call the right URL with a .glb file”) and QuickLook (another case of “call the right URL with a .usdz file”)

See <model-viewer> Examples and Documentation

I wish Google would update docs to state that sceneviewer is legacy, I might send some tweets out to them about this

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Well “legacy” in the sense of “WebXR is now supported pretty widely and even model-viewer has switched to WebXR by default”

It’s still used when you e.g. google for “Lion” and then press the AR button that pops up

Can’t use interactions, can’t use custom rendering, can’t use DOM Overlay and so on, it’s really “QuickLook but for Android”

With I assume i could send out a url with the url to the glb file from our FTP server in the parameters to save myself doing lots of ‘can we just put this model in needle’ every time I get given a 3d file from a client

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Yep gonna skip on that implementation for sure as we currently avoid quick look too. Looking into ways to quickly show a model without much user input as I keep getting asked to whack a model in Needle and do a build

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You could just make a simple viewer where you can pass URLs in. Depends on how long it stays in that “can we just have a model” phase and how quickly it turns into “can you now click on this to make something happen”

I relate to that strongly, but keeping the reigns on workflows right now so it’s a case of a ‘look don’t touch’ kind of setup. I think I’ll make a viewer with parameters so then I can at least build more into it over time and it solves the need of previewing a glb

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