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Hi :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:

So, I’m just curious about the possibility of the following idea.

With the USDZ Exporter (which is brilliant, by the way :star_struck: ) it’s possible to define which of the scene objects do or don’t get rendered as a USDZ for viewing via Quick Look, and I was wondering if it’s possible to do similar with the content that gets rendered for WebXR? Or would that be way too complex a task? Or maybe it would need to involve somehow defaulting to Scene Viewer to deliver the content - which obviously would be rather counterintuitive when it comes to the promotion and use of WebXR in general? :thought_balloon: :thinking:

I’m just sitting here brainstorming on my own :sweat_smile: and I haven’t really thought any of this through… and probably haven’t phrased it very well either… but I hope some of it ‘kinda’ makes sense.

I’d be fascinated to read any thoughts or suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey :wave: WebXR and Quicklook (USDZ viewer) are very different things.

WebXR is a powerful standard that lets you to integrate XR functionality INTO Your application, while USDZ is a file format similar to gltf and the proprietary quicklook on iOS can display it and allows very limited interactivity and other logic. The Needle scene is analyzed and a USDZ file is generated and then supplied to the quicklook. Thus the Needle app doesn’t have any control over the scene after it is opened in quicklook.

So, to answer your question, you can edit any part of the WebXR scene anyway you want :+1: Since it is still three.js rendering stuff and it is still your scripts on the objects you see on the screen.

More specifically, there is a component called XRFlag that help you to differentiate on what should be visible and when. (Goes well with DeviceFlag component). Workflow is such that you add these components to objects and they are only enabled in selected context.

Ooooooooo! Cheers for that @kipash :cactus: … I’ll have a look at that for sure!!! :+1:

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This was exactly what I was looking for! Huge, huge thanks for pointing me in the right direction and alerting me to this absolutely awesome feature, @kipash :cactus: .

It’s beyond brilliant! :star_struck: :partying_face: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :rocket:

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Needle is full of surprises :green_heart: Making a note that existence of XR Flags were not obvious to users and will try to improve that with the team :cactus:

Glad that it was what you were searching for :love_you_gesture: happy developing :hammer_and_wrench: