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How are you?
My issue is that I want to render an external model to the server

what I did is that

  1. I created a Minimal scene
  2. I created a folder in Assets
  3. import that model to folder
  4. open the server

but there is no model there and I searched alot to know how can I solve this issue but there is no positive results from this search

can anyone tell my what the wrong with these steps?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Aya Ali,

If you’re expecting to see an externally imported model within your Needle Engine project on the server, but it isn’t showing up, make sure you have followed these steps:

  1. The model file must be a glTF or GLB format since Needle Engine supports these formats.
  2. Ensure that your model is placed within your project’s Assets folder.
  3. Verify if the model has been assigned to a GameObject within your scene. This can often be done by dragging the model from the Assets folder onto the scene or through scripting.
  4. Check whether the server is actually serving the latest content; sometimes cached versions can prevent updates from showing.
  5. Make sure that there are no errors in the console related to loading the model, as these could prevent the model from rendering.

Can you please check if the model you’re trying to render is in glTF or GLB format and if it has been correctly assigned within your scene hierarchy? If the issue persists, please provide any console errors or messages you might be seeing, so I can assist you further.

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Hi can you show a screenshot of the ExportInfo component? Is the server running? The scene gets exported to that server when you click play or save the scene (if export on save is enabled)

Also: ignore the bots reply here, it’s not correct about caching or the glb format.

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here is the screenShot

by user 883276031048441917

yeah the Scene exported but with out the model

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by user 883276031048441917

Please select the Export GameObject in the scene and show the inspector - make sure the server is running with this web project. Save the scene to re-export (or use ALT+B). Make sure you dont have errors in the unity console

let me do this and back to you

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what I did is that
I created a Minimal scene
I created a folder in Assets
import that model to folder
open the server . Are these steps correct?

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How did you open the server?

Or this is already wrong

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No they are fine

by user 883276031048441917

from here open the server

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It starts the local server. You also need to export the scene (you didnt do that apparently thats why its empty). Options are:

  • Click Play button in unity
  • Click Play button in ExportInfo component (unterneath the Open Server button)
  • Save the scene (if Auto Export is enabled which it is)
  • Use Keyboard shortcut: ALT + B

Either of those works