Real time loaded models with USDZ Exporter

If I have for example a build which is a model viewer that loads a model using droploader via url parameters pointing to a model on a server, will Apple Quick Look work for that model if I have the USDZ Exporter component in the scene?
Just wondering if the USDZ exporter works on anything in the scene that was added at runtime like the model being loaded in.

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Yep that should work the same way with models exported from Unity/Blender

Nice, I will try this next week

by user 103054507105067008

Yep, one design goal from our end was that things are fully dynamic - the scene is exported at the point in time when you click the AR button on iOS. That allows for e.g. configurators that have complex logic in the browser and then simpler logic (can still have it via the Everywhere Actions) in QuickLook