Can I somehow use the USDZ exporter to my iOS/ Android app

It may sound very stupid but I am sort of lost on how to export my game object to a usd file. I used needles exporter before for a client work, and it was magic on web. Is there any work around to use it on iOS & Android? The unity usd sdk does not work on iOS or Android and I dont see any other SDK providing it.

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Hi! To understand a bit more, what’s your usecase for that?

Sorry I missed your text. It was late night and I don’t know when I fell asleep. Thanks for your response. I am working on an app where businesses can create 3D models of their product using iPhone. After they scan it, they can export it to traditional 3D model formats. So far I have done fbx, gltf and obj. I am trying o add usdz support

by user 373346625025736705