React-three-fiber template works, but not completely

I created a project from the sandbox example and exported to a rect-three-fiber template

The result displays the sandbox and it also shows the camera object when i run it from two instanced so the networking is working, but i cannot drag any of the elements in the scene or drag the barrel over them to erase them.

Basically the orbit controls work, but I can’t drag any of the items in the scene.

I know this is an experimental template. Is this known behaviour?

I am on Mac OS X using Safari but it does the same thin using Chrome.

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Further info - I tried this on a windows machine and it works - i can drag object around although when i drag an object the orbitcontrols works at the same time instead of disabling.

The Windows machine is using exporter 2.53.3-pre.1

The Mac OS X machine is using 2.56.1-pre

by user 563549194137239552