Generate react three fiber template generates a svelte project?

So when I generate a project with the react three fiber template it seems to generate a svelte project? See attached video.

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Hi, thanks for the report. We’re about to update to a new version and will fix this immediately

as an immediate workaround you can paste the github url in the project path as well GitHub - needle-engine/react-three-fiber-sample

Ahh sweet, thank you

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Works for any repo :wink: you can use it for your own templates too if you ever want to make any

Hey so I tried bootstrapping the project with the link you provided. The is project get up and running however I can’t move any objects or duplicate any from the bench, when I create a custom script ie. Rotate.ts and attach it to a cube in unity as per the example in the docs. This doesn’t seem to work, I was able to do all this in the Vite starter project.

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Also getting this error in the console

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Thanks for the report - will look into it

Can you try pulling the repository again (or cloning the template again)?

Yup seems to be working now, only thing is the camera keeps moving when dragging things around

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Thats because the r3f camera in the scene doesnt know anything about the needle engine dragging and components.