How to export simply my game view as website

Hi, sorry for this basic question.
I develop a simple infinite runner game for web, I would like to gain massive time by programming it in Unity and export it with Needle.

I had my runner mesh with his script, my static camera is correctly set etc
When I desactivate the export, my game works correctly on my game view on Unity.
But when I export my scene with vite, I can see my scene on my localhost:3000 with orbit control and Autorotate.

But I want this export as my Game view with controls, my static game camera etc.
How could I do that ?

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Hello @AeistDesmos - we currently dont export C# from Unity. So if you have written your Game in Unity you would have to re-implement the logic in Typescript.

You can read about how to do that here: Needle Engine Scripting | Needle Engine Documentation

Ok thanks, I need to create a typescript element, connect it with the unity project to generate the cs and work on cs and typescript in same time I see.

About the camera, how could I manage them to disable the autorotate, choose my static camera as default etc ?

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From your intro I assume you’re using the threejs fiber template? The template has a component currently which you can remove by opening the workspace and then going to “src/App.tsx” in line 17

For now I tried to understand the limit of “only export with unity” to make the game so I was on the simple “getting started” with Minimal template of Needle

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if you are using the Vite template (which we would recommend right now) you can disable or remove the OrbitControls component

Ah ok - great then just remove this component or change its settings and you’re good :slightly_smiling_face:


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its on the camera

Okay thanks, you’re great.
More of that, thanks for this marvelous tool, it’s going to revolute the way to create website I’m sure of it.
I’m a junior, full of dream to work on the futur of internet and I’m really happy to discover this type of tool !

A last question : do you work on an automatic export of script cs => ts actually ?

Do you plan to make tutorials ?

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C# to Typescript or wasm would be great. We’ve done some research but it’s not in active development right now

We currently have a getting started tutorial and will add more over time: :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay you’re great
About camera : It’s static etc, but I ssee deformation between the unity camera and the Vite rendering, I tried to adpt my fov etc etc
Do you know what’s the problem ?

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Do you get any errors in the console in your browser?

No, there is not

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Is your camera scaled in Unity?

Great view, it was scaling

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You can’t see it on unity but there is influence on vite

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