Undefined GLTF object react-three-fiber

Hello! I’m getting started with needle using react-three-fiber, and am getting this console error on the webpage:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'indexOf')
    at createBuiltinComponents (engine_gltf_builtin_components.ts:52:26)
    at NeedleGltfLoader.createBuiltinComponents (engine_scenetools.ts:20:16)
    at handleLoadedGltf (engine_scenetools.ts:91:23)
    at engine_scenetools.ts:148:23
    at GLTFLoader.js:221:6
    at GLTFLoader.js:2974:5

I’ve tried using both the ‘Minimal (Needle)’ starter scene and the ‘Sandbox (Needle)’ starter scene, and both of them result in this error. I assume it means it cannot identify a GLTF model to render, but I’m not sure why since I haven’t adjusted the starter scenes provided by needle, and the scene game object does have that GLTF Object script on it.

Any ideas how to get past this error?

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I’d also be okay with exporting separate GLTF objects instead of one scene object – whichever makes more sense in this context

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Hi @keren thanks for reporting. Will take a look at what is happening there

Fixed the issue, will publish a new version with it in a little bit

Hello @keren when you update to the latest version you can re-generate your project (or add the react-three-fiber npmdef in the ExportInfo dependencies array) and it should work then

Amazing, thanks so much, I’ll try it out!

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It’s working now, tysm!! :pray:

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