Package Cache Invalidated on GLTF import

I’m running into an issue in which every time I drag a new gltf file into my scene (specifically) a subfolder within ‘assets’ named ‘3D Models’ - it invalidates my package cache, and suddenly all of the component scripts that I’ve created in my src/scripts/ folder start throwing a bunch of errors, and the local server says there are issues with register_types.ts - Once I rebuild the scene, things work again, but the errors (suggested by vscode ) remain- even though it loads fine. Does anyone know what is causing this? Am I making a mistake somewhere?

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Hey, the „package cache invalidated“ is a Unity issue, where URP attempts to upgrade immutable materials. We’re in discussions with them but looks like they won’t fix the issue, so we’ll have to work around it.
That being said, all that this should cause is an occasional reimport of some folders, not cause issues with script compilation. Would you be able to send us a bug report with repro steps?

There’s also no folders being treated special

I figured it’s something on unity’s end , because once it rebuilds the web scene, reinstalls my dependencies, and works from there, I just don’t like that it shows a bunch of errors on my components, because that makes debugging harder.

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Totally. If you can send a report with your particular case that would help!

where should I proceed to send a bug report? I’m sure this will continue to happen so I’ll send one tomorrow.

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Your response times are insane btw- I really appreciate it!

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Inside the Needle Engine menu you can report a bug