InvalidCastException, cant export and load gltf

Hey folks, are there any limitations when exporting models with their animations/controllers?
Pasting the log from an exception when trying to export:

InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid.
Needle.Engine.Gltf.AnimatorControllerHandler.OnAfterNodeExport (Needle.Engine.Gltf.GltfExportContext context, UnityEngine.Transform transform, System.Int32 nodeId) (at Library/PackageCache/com.needle.engine-exporter@2.53.2-pre/Gltf/Editor/AnimatorControllerSerialization.cs:21)

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Would you mind sharing the scene with me via pm and some information about the controller? (The scene can be sent by using Help/Needle Engine/Zip scene)

Im not at the pc anymore today but can try reproducing tomorrow and fix it. Having the scene would help greatly

hey Marcel. Sure thing, sending a .zip your way. Thanks!

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Hello @aleksa.josic so one problem I found is the use of AnimatorOverrideControllers: those are not supported just yet.

oh I see. Thanks! Is there a list of things that are not supported atm? Also, I suggest updating the exception error to reflect the issue.

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Yes sure im working on that right now :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thanks! The tooling of the package is amazing, btw. Such a smooth install->run, haven’t experienced anything like it so far :smile:

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Thanks, thats good to hear!

So when preventing override controllers to export there are tons of errors about clip bindings not being resolved - im not sure if this is just a case of not throwing an error in that case because the animations are playing as far as I can tell and they also contain the correct tracks - but the clips also contain tracks that dont belong to the object the clip is targeting which seems wrong to me. I cant fix that tonight but will take a closer look again this week.

Would be great if you could test the next version and let me know if the animations (besides the errors) play as expected or not :slightly_smiling_face:

The fix is just published

Hm, so I see the update in #:books:-releases , but the scoped registry is not showing an update. I tried modifying the manifest.json manually and it also didn’t find the new version…

When I initially exported the scene, I was only seeing a black screen. You’re saying that you’ve exported it and were able to walk around in first person to inspect animations, without adding extra components?

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Oh let me check looks like the update didnt get through - haven’t done it on this computer before so seems like it failed and i didnt notice…

ok published now - thanks for the headsup

I wasnt able to walk around, some scripts were missing and i had compiler errors so i deleted the scripts to be able to compile and export to just test the animation export - so all I could see were the idle animations when it worked

So couldnt really test more