Node order in the hierarchy can change when using compression and transparent materials

Hello! Just like the title says, I have a few .glb models that will render perfectly on local build but on production build will render with a lighter tone of the same material.

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Hello @Linkraft how is it supposed to look like?

Here’s the local build model:

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Also wow! You’re quick to respond! haha

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Could this be caused by toktx @herbst🌵 ?
Can you try to change the compression method in the object for the materials/textures that are affected (via TextureImporter in the Needle Engine tab)?
Try changing it to webp maybe?


Okay, I’ll try all of that and report back

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Would you be able to send over the glb file that gets put into your local build? (in assets?)

Given that the color shift happens only on the translucent parts my gut feel would be that some slot type (e.g. transmission texture) isn’t exported in the correct colorspace by us, but would have to check on the model

Thanks - is it intentional that the BMC_Fluid on ART_BMC has a different color than the one on ART_BMC+?

Cool model!

Something to note about this issue is that it affect two models from our product viewer app. There are two things about this issue that are strange:

  1. Another developer has shown me that of the two models that are problematic, one of them renders correctly on his computer (any browser) but not mine (any browser). The other one is always broken.
  2. There is another model, ART PRP+, that is doing the same sort of translucent texture thing as the ART BMC and ART BMC+, but it does it no problem.

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Also thanks!

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And by different color, what do you mean? We have two 'states" for each model, one empty and one filled (named respectively).

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At first glance it looks like transparency sorting issues (many transparent parts and no clear pivots for them so sorting depends on the view angle)

E.g. on the PRP+ model it looks different depending on camera angle

(because some other objects are sorted in front or not)

on BMC and BMC+ it seems that the glass is always sorted on front so you always get that “grey-ish” look

Would you mind sending me the uncompressed file too? This one seems already Draco + WebP compressed

Agh, the max file size for Discord is 8 MB. I could send it via email somehow if that works

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