My character animator has 10 animations and I can only play 2 animations out of it

Hi there,
I’ve created a multiplayer sample where multiple user joins the rooms and can walk around in an environment and play various animations. Suddenly today, I’ve noticed that out of 10 different animation sets in animator controller, only 2 animations are working which is idle and walk animations. It seems I haven’t changed any code from yesterday and it was running good but today when I just deployed and try to play it again without any changes, I see only 2 animations are working.

I’m using Needle trail version. Only difference from yesteray I’ve noticed it that it showed an error while building that your license is expired. Earlier I was seeing the countdown of days remaining. As of today, I got the message like licensee expired while building.

Is it a thing that now without license this will happen and few animations will work and few not. Or is it something else?

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Hi, yes, there’s 14 days of trial for everything and after that we limit some features that are likely to be used for commercial projects. We’re still deciding where we draw the line, but unfortunately too many commercial users are simply staying on the free version in violation of the Terms, I hope you understand.

Our messaging around that isn’t super consistent right now, sorry for that!

So you have three options:

  • get an Indie or Pro license to unlock Animator and other limitations for complex scenes
  • use the Animation component instead and manage states/transitions yourself
  • make your own component that has an Array and manage that yourself

Hello @narendra.chaudhary we are currently looking into improving feedback for trial specific features and would love to get your opinion.

Do you think a window like in the screenshot would have made things clearer for you? It would show up after the pro trial has ended.

Yes, thats helps to understand better. Is there any other restrictions apart AnimatorController?

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Great, thanks. The timeline export is limited to 2 tracks after the Pro trial has ended.
If you have any further feedback or ideas on how to approach this it’s always welcome :slightly_smiling_face: as Felix said above we’re still deciding / trying to find a good middleground so are very open to hearing other views/opinions on the matter

this is serious, i am not thrilled to see this discussion. One side Needle is saying it is free for evaluation, artistic expression and non commercial projects, which no one can do in 14 days as limited by Pro license.
Folks need to change the pricing page to tell potential users that you have 14 day trial, after that features are limited. Currently page states all features are available in basic plan
Messaging needs to be clear around this.
Also let users choose to be on basic plan and show what is being limited

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Yes, we’re working on better messaging and on making it more clear what is and what is not limited.
Also, to be super clear, the free plan is not going away, neither is the ability to use any number of animations. What’s limited here is the state management through Animator.

We are starting to limit certain features that are specific to Needle and that we’ve seen are used in more complex projects - most of which are commercial ones that haven’t bought a license at all.

I hope you can believe me that this is not an easy choice. We would be way happier if people simply played by the rules.