Is there any plan to be able to directly access AnimatorOverrideControllers in future versions?

Unity allows us to setup AnimatorOverrideControllers but I dont see them as an exported type in Needle Engine. Is there any plan to support these in future versions?

Unity - Scripting API: AnimatorOverrideController

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Hi, override controllers are currently not supported and we don’t have immediate plans to implement them. We do prioritize features for Pro license holders in certain cases tho (depending on the requested feature and timeline)

We are looking to purchase Pro licenses. Someone on our team has reached out to try and speak to someone about commercials. Who is best to speak to about that?

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It’s best to send an email to When did someone reach out? I can check

@marcel :cactus: I’ve just heard back that they’ve not yet reached out, apologies. Looks like they will do it at some point today.

In lieu of Needle not supporting AnimatorOverrideControllers, Ive tried simply swapping the animator.runtimeAnimatorController to use a different controller, but animations just stop as soon as I swap the runtimeAnimatorController. I have tried creating a custom event and calling it through the event as well as setting it via code and calling it on a button press, but both result in animations just stopping after the swap. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to approach this?

public horseAnimators?: Animator;

animatorOverride? : AnimatorController;

public setAnimatorOverride()
if(this.animatorOverride != null)

    if(this.horseAnimators != null){
      this.horseAnimators[0].runtimeAnimatorController = this.animatorOverride;



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Additionally, it appears that neither Multipliers or Cycle Offsets take any effect, regardless of whether they are set by code or in editor. I have raised a bug report.

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Hi @nostalgicbear thanks, I’ll have to take a look at that

Hi @nostalgicbear both parameters should work in the next version

I’ve also had a look at this and made some changes / fixes in the core engine to support @serializable for AnimatorControllers since this wasn’t supported yet (I had the same behaviour you described)

This needs a bit more testing but might get published with the next version as well. It works in my test case locally now

That’s fantastic @marcel :cactus: thank you.

Having the AnimatorController serializable is a decent work around for not having AnimatorOverrideControllers.

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I’ve just seen that 3.22.6 was released but there was no mention of these fixes in that version. Are these changes likely to be in a version released this week? (Not trying to be pushy - just want to understand timeframes :slightly_smiling_face: )

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The version was 2 days ago - I added the fixes yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: so it should be included in the next version

You’re doing Gods work @marcel :cactus: :raised_hands:

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I wouldn’t go that far :stuck_out_tongue:

Please try version 3.23.0

There is a bug with this latest pushed version when multiple gameobjects use the same animator controller.

If you have multiple objects that all use the same animator (in my case, multiple horses that use their own instance of the ‘horse’ animator controller), you will get the errors above for all objects that use the controller, bar the first one. So in my case, the first horse will having working animations, but horses 2-6 will all have no working animations and the errors above will be logged for each one.

If I duplicate the animator controller, and name it “horse_2” then it works for the horse I assign that to, but when animator controllers are shared across multiple gameobjects, it will only work for one.

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Ah sorry - I’ll look into it

No worries, let me know if you need me to attach any further logs.

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should work again in the next update (tomorrow!)

Awesome, fair play for sorting it so quickly. I can confirm that the original issue of the offsets & multipliers all looks good too.

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