Issue with css files being combined?

I have a project where Iā€™m linking another css file that works fine on its own. When running local server and exporting a build it combines the css file I have linked which is causing the css style of the linked file to conflict with the Needle project css file itself.

I noticed if I export a build of the project without the css file linked then add the css back in after, it works fine. Is there a way around this?

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I think hold fire on this - I may have overwritten the .css for Needle in the project by accidentally copy pasting over <link rel="stylesheet" href="./src/styles/style.css"> with the linked css which was causing this

by user 103054507105067008

This is a vite issue and I think I came across this before as well. You should search for Vite issues on this

Thanks for the clarification - this was the exact issue after more investigation

by user 103054507105067008