While upload the project to my website, only a white page show

Did I miss something I need to do while upload to website’s own server?

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Hello, can you explain what you would expect here? While uploading (if you upload to the same folder) you replace your files. If some of the files are missing the whole page might not work anymore (e.g. if the css or javascript file is missing or you replace the index.html while the rest of the files are still uploading) - you can try uploading to a different folder first and then just moving the files on your server.

For debugging try opening the development console in chrome or firefox when the page is white

Sorry for the missing information, the message I got from console is:

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Any suggestion? :TrippyBlob:

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Can you try again in the latest version?

I think it’s no problem with Needle, just I’m quite new to web develop, don’t know how to use gz files in my website

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You can enable it with htaccess (google gzip htaccess) or disable gzip compression in the vite.config.json (the line with useCompression can be removed)

If the gz files are the problem. Altough looks like they are loading fine seeing the error there

You can try to use the new DeployToFTP component

Thanks, it works well now! yuuuuu.net

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