Vite 'Could not resolve issues' error for all engine files

This one doesn’t seem to be in the FAQ yet.

Completely clean installs of Unity (2021.3.16f1) and Needle (2.56.0) on Windows (10.0.22621) with clean install of node-v16.19.0-x64.

I get the following error: X [ERROR] Could not resolve "./engine/debug/debug_overlay"

for everything coming from the ./engine/ directory.

No errors coming through on the Unity side.


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Can you check the folder in node_modules/@needle-tools/engine if it contains those paths? e.g. it should contain an engine-components folder etc

This is what node_modules/@needle-tools/engine looks like.

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(Also I’ve deleted this folder once already and re-installed the project.)

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Ok its missing the whole runtime - someone reported this recently and I thought it was a Linux issue: Discord

Mmmh can send me the zip using our bug reporter?


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mmmh doesnt reproduce out of the box :confused: what are your unity and web project paths?

I’m on Node 18 right now tho

C:\Users\nate\Unity\Testing Needle
C:\Users\nate\Unity\Testing Needle\Needle\Demo-Needle

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I’m heading to bed, but can check back tomorrow to help w/debugging.

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Ok thank you! Goodnight!

I’ll try to reproduce

Downgrading to node 16 also doesnt repro yet

Recreated your paths here: no repro unfortunately

Do you get these warnings too? I wonder if the encoding is causing problems

Nope. Here’s a split screen of what I’m seeing.

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Can you try doing a clean install (Hold Alt and click install on ExportInfo) and then send a zip with the logs again when its done? (via Help/Needle Engine/zip logs)

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Which npm version are you using?