Incorrect Texture Tiling in Web Scene

Depends on the type - regular decimation is optional during the build step (you can select any mesh in Unity and choose decimation options on the Needle engine platform tab)

The type of re-meshing that Simplygon, RapidCompact, PiXYZ are doing can be useful though if you have assets with many verts or many parts

typically I’ll have something that starts as a 10-15 mb mesh in blender, which I crunch down to less than 1 mb by the time I import into needle- I know you guys are using draco to do this for me, but I just like to know that everything is default small

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So crazy how far all of this has came in a decade- I remember the struggle when GLTF was brand new, and it was so ridiculously hard to build any compelling web experiences in 3D for the browser. You guys are doing amazing

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Basically our pipeline is designed in a way that you can throw in meshed CAD data and it will “just work” with a combination of simplification and mesh compression. So I’d invite you to try out throwing the 10 MB thing into Unity and checking what it ends up with the automatic pipeline - if it’s larger than what you do manually I’d like to know :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’re offering me a simple solution, I’ll take it! Will report back!

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