How can I test locally over IP? Via a phone pointing to the local server on my laptop?

IP Address in url bar doesn’t work

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What do you mean by Ip Address doesnt work?

Is your phone in the same network as your laptop?

It may be that the ip address is blocked by your firewall depending on the configuration of your network :thinking:

What’s the IP that’s displayed? Might also be picking up a wrong network adapter in case you have some extra ones / virtual ones

Bound to be that my laptop connects over wifi 6E and my phone only supports wifi 5 but they are connected to the same router

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Can you check if its the same address (IPv4) that is displayed when you run ipconfig in your commandline? Assuming you’re on windows

I’m on windows 11, the ipv4 address is different, trying now

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Actually that was the ethernet address I checked

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Wifi ipv4 is the same

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Are you accessing the ip address via https too on your phone?

It sounds like youre using http (which would be wrong)

can recommend this flow:

and then just scan with the phone :wink:

That works brilliant cheers! For some reason me typing the url myself didn’t work even with https even though that makes no sense as the QR code scanned url works

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Works fine on android, on IOS if I scan the QR code, it wants to open in Safari which works but when I copy the url and try to open it in Mozilla WebXR Viewer, the page loads forever (I presume there is some privacy error warning), how do you get around that?

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close and reopen WebXR Viewer
we believe it’s a bug in it, happened randomly a few times for us as well

unfortunately that Viewer isn’t maintained anymore (Mozilla killed the team), was a bit of a pain already go get modern WebXR to work in it at all