How do we connect to the localhost server via IP address from another device?

I’m working from home on a home wifi I have control of, when I try to connect to the ip address on a phone to connect to the local server, it doesn’t connect. Should I be deploying to glitch to test on other local devices or am I doing something wrong?

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Sounds like the firewall might be blocking the connection - what does happen when you try to open the url from your phone?

Ah, works fine if I create a QR Code for the site in Chrome using the Chrome share menu then scan that on my phone

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Ah then it might be the http <> https problem again :slightly_smiling_face:

and you tried connecting to http

Manually typing it would only connect via https

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This is my goto though, hope this helps others

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When manually typing you have to include https://. If you leave it out, browsers usually default to http:// for local connections.