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I’m trying to build my site with Git / Deploy Node.js to Azure Web App /

I get this message:
1 error build
Dependencies lock file is not found in /home/runner/work//. Supported file patterns: package-lock.json,npm-shrinkwrap.json,yarn.lock

Can’t you please share your workflow?

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Hello Matmat, the error message indicates that the build process is looking for a dependencies lock file (package-lock.json, npm-shrinkwrap.json, or yarn.lock) but cannot find it in the specified directory. This file is critical for ensuring that the correct versions of the dependencies are installed during the deployment.

Here’s a step-by-step plan to set up a workflow for deploying a Node.js app to Azure Web App:

  1. Ensure that you have a package manager lock file (package-lock.json for npm or yarn.lock for Yarn) in your project root.
  2. Initialize an Azure Web App and set up deployment credentials if necessary.
  3. Create a GitHub repository for your project and push the code there, including the lock file.
  4. Connect the GitHub repository to the Azure Web App deployment options.
  5. Configure the build and deployment pipeline in Azure to use your repository.
  6. Trigger a deployment either by pushing new changes to your repository or manually through the Azure portal.
  7. Monitor the deployment process and check the logs in case of errors.

Make sure that the lock file is in the root of your repository and that it gets pushed to GitHub. If you’re using a CI/CD pipeline, you need to ensure that the build step has access to this file, as it needs it for restoring dependencies during the build process.

Here’s an example of a GitHub Actions workflow that can be used to deploy to an Azure Web App:


name: Deploy Node.js to Azure Web App

- main # Set this to your default branch

runs-on: ubuntu-latest

- uses: actions/checkout@v2

- name: Set up Node.js
  uses: actions/setup-node@v1
    node-version: '12.x'  # Set this to the node version you are using

- name: npm install, build, and test
  run: |
    npm install
    npm run build --if-present
    npm run test --if-present

- name: 'Deploy to Azure Web App'
  uses: azure/webapps-deploy@v2
    app-name: 'YourAppName'  # Set this to your Azure Web App name
    publish-profile: ${{ secrets.AzureAppService_PublishProfile }}  # Set this up in your repository secrets
    package: '.'

Ensure you replace the placeholders with your specific app details. This workflow listens to any push to the main branch, installs dependencies, builds your Node.js app, and deploys it to the Azure Web App. You need to have the Publish Profile from Azure configured as a secret in your GitHub repository.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Mind being a bit more specific on what you’re trying to do and what fails?

To me that error just looks like you’re excluding the package-lock.json in git, which you shouldn’t.

This package-lock.json is not in the repository. I haven’t ruled it out either, there is no gitignore file.

by user 684154017479524352

Recommend checking the global gitignore too - if it’s not in the repo and the error says you need it I think it makes sense to look at that

I’ll check that out

by user 684154017479524352

That’s weird. The file should be there. But it is not. I also had hidden files displayed. There seems to be a mistake here. I use GitHub Desktop. What do you think, should I install it cleanly again?

by user 684154017479524352

Not sure if it’s related to your git installation. I’d double check if there’s any .gitignore files on the entire repo.
Just to make sure we’re on the same page

  • locally there’s a package.json
  • locally there’s also a package-lock.json
  • remotely there’s only a package.json but no lock
  • doing manual changes to the lock file doesn’t show up as change in git

Unfortunately I can only tackle the topic at a later date. It’s not a big priority for me at the moment.

by user 684154017479524352

If the repository is set to private ,then this error occurs. If the repository is public then it works as you described.

by user 684154017479524352

Set to private in GitHub? That does not change what files are in your repo at all (git itself doesn’t care). Maybe Azure doesn’t have all the rights it needs?

I tried it with a fresh repository. You provide the workflow. I didn’t use Azure here.

by user 684154017479524352

Sorry, can you rephrase what you believe the problem to be and what you’re trying to do?
Your original question was about Azure

Please ignore Azure. I only chose this as a workflow to test. Your workflow is working. But for me only in a public repository. I keep testing.

by user 684154017479524352

Hi @matmat are you referring to a github workflow? If so which one is it?