Git auto deployment

Hello Needle team,

I would like to use a auto deployment git from my repo.
I’m using the needle with unity.

When I add my newProject web generation (Needle > newProject) to my git.
There is an error with the dependency with the auto deployment.

How to manage that ?

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Hello, please provide more context, otherwise it’s impossible to help with just “there’s an error”

Make sure you have all files added to git too, by default the gitignore in the project template ignores certain files and directories that you’d like to include in case of using git for deployment

Note that certain features will not be available when you deploy via github actions. for example toktx for ktx2 texture compression

Is your goal to deploy to github pages?

Did you see that we have a component for targeting github pages?

The dependency in the package.json as local dependency like “three” : “file:…/…/Library/”

So it can’t install it on its own if use only newProject in the git

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No I didn’t see that

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Ok so I need to upload all of the unity + web files on the git

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Which Needle Engine version are you currently using?

No you dont

But all dependencies and files you need for building need to be checked in of course. Local paths are 2.x - I’d recommend you upgrade for Needle Engine 3 because that was one of the major changes that we made: all dependencies are pulled in from npm now

Which would make deploying via git (or any other CI service) much easier since you dont have to check in threejs or the complete needle engine package because it’ll just be installed from npm

Ok I will check the update

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You can find a few things to be aware of in the changelog for the initial 3.x release

Please take a look at those

It worked, thanks a lot

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Happy to be of service :wink: