Deploying through Github Actions

My team wants to deploy Needle through a CI/CD pipeline such that when a CD script is run, the Needle builds and deploys on S3.
While trying to do this, I am running into problems with the Needle-engine dependency. Should I add the engine to the repo or is there a standard/better way to go about this?

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Hey, what problems are you running into?

Let me explain our process. So we installed Needle and then just tried to add the web project dir (Needle/) to a git repo. Now, I can’t figure out a way to build on the fly using Github Actions.

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Are you checking in the files in the assets folder too? If not you would need to run a unity export on github first and then run one of the npm build scripts.

Out of the box you can build without compressing the files (what we call the development build). To be able to compress you would need to add a script that runs the transform script that comes with the needle gltf pipeline package. You need to pass it the directory you want to be compressed (that is the dist directory by default)

It’s really confusing as a beginner to go about this. Is there a way I can make Github actions do the exporting and the compressing? Like an npm script which I can have Github actions run.

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Yes there is, i tried to explain the rough steps you would need to take above.