Hi, I am working on proof of concept and i want to fetch kaggle data and display it in unity 3d and use VR (Quest 2 ) to interact with that and export all this in WEBXR so i came to know about the needle engine, I have fetched the data but stuck in assigning that data to text mesh pro or any 3D text component can anyone help me sorting this out .

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@marcel :cactus:

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Hi, TextMeshPro runtime changes are not supported in the current version (should be soon tho). Only the legacy Text component is supported right now (set the text property on it to update)

can i get a sample snippet .Thanks

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Have you looked at the samples? Needle Engine Samples

Thanks Marcel !

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for the legacy text, is any font supported or only those in fonts sample?

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Any font that you can assign in unity should work