Does Shader graphs actually work?

Ok I guess I know how to reproduce it (Adding URP → adding URP as target to the shader → uninstalling URP → broken shader)

Left is black - Right is working. Can you check your shader if they still have a missing URP target?

The simple shader in 2022.3.4f1 (build-in render pipeline) works, in my case the problem was that i was missing the label inside the material/Shader. However the “black” coloring thing happens when you open up the “shaders sample” in local server (from what i know, that is not normal).

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Yes that happens with built-in right now - we have to fix that in the shaders being exported. Unity unfortunately does “by default” make new targets “lit” (even if the other targets are all unlit) - and since lit shader export is not supported they appear black…

I’ve created an issue internally

Well that explains it, thanks for the replies! Hope it gets fixed:coolcat:

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So to wrap it up: you’re able to use custom shaders now and are basically unblocked? :slightly_smiling_face:

Fix is: adding the ExportShader asset label to the material or shader and use the BiRP + Unlit Target

correct :gentleblob:

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