Building Meta Quest App with needle engine possible?

I’m new to XR development. I know needle engine use Unity and NodeJS to build a WebXR site.

Since it use unity, is it possible to convert or export the project to a meta quest app that can be install through sidequest?

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You mean converting into an APK? I think that is possible but haven’t personally tried it – typically you can just point people at the URL.
Would you mind explaining a bit about the additional features you’d want to use when bundling as APK?

I think WebXR is a good starting point for a project. But when it grows it might require more resources, such as more storage for some 3D model, materials or video audio files.

That might be a breakpoint to consider convert it to a standalone app that runs in Quest headset.

However, it seems that the WebXR interface might not be able to directly covert to quest openXR sdk?

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Also, is the component written in typescript being able to port into a android app?

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For clarification, do you want to bundle the WebXR app (so it stays WebXR but has more access to APIs and resources) or do you want to create a separate native app?

Typically when you start with a web app and want to deploy that to native it’s bundled as a browser shell + your web app code + potentially more glue to other native APIs you need

A separate Native app. I thought needle engine uses unity provides the potential to covert to a native quest app. But I don’t know if it is possible?

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You can do that – then it’s basically separate build targets from the Unity perspective. You either build to a web app (using Needle) or to a native Android app (using Unity’s regular stack).

You do in fact need to have matching TypeScript and C# code at that point, a number of apps are using that approach – code is not automagically ported over

Thanks for clarifying the use case of needle engine. :+1:

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Personally I find the advantages of using the browser as a platform almost always outweigh the ones of native apps nowadays, but of course your usecase might differ :slightly_smiling_face:

Like, even using the browser as platform for a native app (like what Discord/Slack/almost everyone else is doing by now with their “native apps” that are effectively browser apps in a shell)

I don’t know if I get this right. Do you mean something like wrapping the browser into an app to keep everything work? That seems a good way to extend the application with more ability

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Yes, that’s what e.g. the discord client you’re using right now does – it’s exactly the same app no matter if you use the browser or the native app on any platform

On native platforms it just gains a few more features (like sending notifications and the like)

We do not currently have a sample for bundling a WebXR app that way right now I’m afraid – @ROBYER1 you did look into this, right?