Build not opening on Mobile Devices. (iOS)

Build works fine on desktop but it does not open on mobile browsers. I am attaching a video of the problem.

Link: HTML AR Overlay

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Update: I kept refreshing the page and it worked once. But not working any more . Sometime works sometimes don’t May be

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May be this is the issue. I will try and report back

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Yeah your file is pretty big. Did you change compression settings? For production builds the default is ETC1S which should reduce it automatically

Your textures are still JPEG and your meshes are not compressed at all, did you deploy a dev build by chance?

Thanks, looks like dev build was turned on.

Now the page loads. However, now if I try to open it on QuickLook, it crashes.

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“Crashes” in which way? Does QuickLook open and then say “newer version required” or something else?

It’s the same kind of error, here is how it looks right now.

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Ow ok, that would mean exporting goes out of memory, most likely trying to export all those big textures. I think it would be better if you export only the active object instead of everything, or reduce their texture import size a bit

Would you mind reporting a bug too? I think it’s more about your content being unoptimized but I’d like to take a look

Thanks for the reply. Where do I report the bug?

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Thanks will do. Also is there a guideline for poly count for mesh, texture size etc recommendation?

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You can find some basic information here but it seems like it’s missing texture recommendations Exporting Assets to glTF | Needle Engine Documentation

For texture compression you find a table here: Deployment & Compression | Needle Engine Documentation

Texture size was the problem. Thanks for the help. It’s working now

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Great to hear. We’re also looking if we can do this a bit smarter at USDZ export time, e.g. determining a maximum “safe pixel count” for all textures and then scaling them down automatically - no ETA but we’d like this to be smarter