Texture quality reduces a lot after I export the project

I have a 3d model that looks perfect when I run it on local server. But when I deploy it, the quality reduces drastically. What am I missing here.

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I have changed the build to development build and now its better, although not as sharp as the original one.

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Hey :wave: can you share your import settings for the textures? Such as the compression and max size? Also note that desktop max size will be the upper limit while setting the value for the needle platform.

Also have you toggled progressive or do you have progressive textures component somewhere in your scene?

This looks as if progressive textures are never loaded - or something fails either on export/when compressing or when trying to load them. More info would indeed be greatly appreciated including which version of Needle Engine you currently use. And if possible: just run the Menu item “Needle Engine/Report a bug” with that scene

@zero-aspect please also check if toktx is installed and/or you get errors in Unity about toktx missing. I’ve seen the above recently on a specific Mac where toktx wasn’t correctly installed

Hi @zero-aspect this is a bug in the current engine releases - it should be fixed with the next version

It’s released in 3.11.2 beta

Sorry, missed all the texts. Thanks for the update.

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