Blender Exporter Plugin Doesn't Activate in Blender 3.4 nor 3.6

I receive this error when trying to activate the plugin after installing it. I’m demoing it for the Los Angeles Blender User Group tomorrow. I’ll go back to using version 18.1 for now.

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I’m using Windows.

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Hi on which OS are you using the plugin?

Can you show the whole line of the error?

Hi @Darius Clarke how did your demo go?

The error above is fixed in 0.20.7 (latest addon release)

I think it went pretty well. I had a receptive audience. I could feel my excitement for it and asked meaningful questions. I for some reason the resulting generated webpage didn’t load or render in the browser at the very end. But the audience was sympathetic that that’s how live demos go sometime.

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We had a light audience because of minimal advertising. I but they were a highly engaged audience.

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The best part is that I met Sten U. whom I believe had worked with you over the past year and confirmed what I said about the value and quality of your work.

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Thanks for the presentation definitely! I wonder what happened at the end when it didnt render. Do you think you can reproduce that or send me some files to test?

Yeah we heard that you met :sweat_smile: the world is small :sweat_smile:

Regarding reproducing the error, I’d rather try it with your 0.20.7 fix and then see if there are any errors anymore.

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Sure go ahead altough that just fixed the error when enabling the plugin (it was caused by the Blender gltf exporter plugin having changed some internal paths so it failed on trying to importing some functions)

Let me know when you get to testing it! :slightly_smiling_face: and / or see other issues