Bike Configurator Quicklook Issue

So, the new ‘change environment’ feature and… in particular the iOS Quicklook support… as shown in the latest version of ‘bike configurator’ ( is absolutely brilliant! Love it!!!

Just one thing, though… when I run it as AR I get blocky shadows (see vid). Any ideas as to how to fix or work around it?

For ref, I’m using the following:-

Latest v of Safari running on a 12.9” iPad Pro
iOS 16.1.1
512GB capacity
A12Z Bionic chip with 64 bit architecture
Neural Engine
Embedded M12 coprocessor

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Hello @frannie :beer: it’s a known issue. I forgot to add a way to exclude them from USDZ since there’s a problem with transparency in usdz which is not easy to fix

Yup, I’ve been down that ‘usdz/transparency’ road myself… on many an occasion :grimacing: .

No worries… other than that, it’s all looking fab! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

by user 908977119781060648