Image Tracking Sample: Object requires newer iOS version

Hi @:cactus: needle admin , I’m poking through the newer samples and when selecting “Quick Look” with iOS 16.5 I encountered the error message “Object requires a newer version of iOS”. This does not happen with the same sample on your website though (although it does not render correctly either).

For Quick Look to work it uses the USDZ exporter, right? I tried to untick the “Auto Export Animation” and “Interactive” toggles but that does not change anything.

First image: Locally built sample.
Second image: Sample from your website.

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Hey! “Object requires new iOS version” basically means “something went wrong during export”, it doesn’t have anything to do with the iOS version, just Apple’s way to say that

Let me double-check if it works correctly here

OK @krizzl0r I can reproduce. I will check if something on our end or on Apple’s end changed.

Thanks. Just for future reference: Is this something you’d like to see posted here on discord or better as an issue on the samples repo?

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Both works, as an issue on the samples repo makes it easier to track it

Seems some material conversion fails that results in undefined values, bug on our end, I’ll fix it

It will most likely not happen when you don’t have Unlit materials in a scene

The “sound stones” sampled worked flawlessly btw, so that seems to add up

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Good to know. I recently had added that Unlit materials at least get exported as something (instead of being ignored) but seems this issue has slipped through.

Sound Stones is a good name for the sample :slightly_smiling_face:

I have the same issue. So how can we unbug? Try to add objects onee by one in Scene and then export? Simply said, start with a simple cube and then add more objects?

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Just don’t use Unlit objects right now! As QuickLook / USDZ doesn’t support Unlit that’s a good idea anyways
Next update should fix this tho (the Unlit conversion will still not look great but at least files should always work again)

And is there a simple way how to check filter all objects in the scene to check which objects use unlit mats? generaly all my objects are imported from 3ds max as glb files.

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Depending on how your pipeline/workflow is you could

  • have an AssetPostprocessor in Unity to adjust materials or warn you
  • have some MenuItem tool to check if there are Unlit materials
  • have some code that converts at runtime (this is what we’re planning to extend in the USDZExporter - to make this easier / not a problem anymore)