Background color not hdri in Blender

Hi! How can i change the hdri background? I just want a solid color :slightly_smiling_face:


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thanks but i want in Blender :slightly_smiling_face:

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:slight_smile: Hm, sorry about that.

Hi, you can add a camera component to your scene and set the clear flag to solid color

Select the camera: find the needle components panel (in the object properties category, see docs) and click add component: select camera :slightly_smiling_face:

hi, thanks i try that but the color doesn’t change (but the hdri background is off)

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How does it look now in the browser and what is the setting in the camera component? There should be a color property to configure it.

(Worth noting that if the color’s alpha is 0 it is rendering the html background - but i think the blender color property doesnt have alpha in that case)

very strange, when i add a component to the camera and set a solid color, it’s works but my mesh doesn’t have the rotate control

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Ah yes it must be on the camera…sorry i forgot to mention and it should probably not be able to add it anywhere else.

To add rotation again add a OrbitControls script to the camera as well

oh ok! it’s works :slightly_smiling_face: i think the orbit control don’t use my center pivot of the mesh (i do: set origin → origin to geometry)

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Ok great. I think to configure that nicely from blender we are currently missing some more options. And ill think about a way to change the background to a solid color without needing extra components because that’s all you really need/want here so it should be easier.

When you tried changing the rendering to solid color before can you explain to me what you tried and how you would ideally expect this to work (as a blender user)? So i better understand how to implement it in an intuitive way :slightly_smiling_face:

And can you show me what you mean by set origin to geometry? You do this on the camera? :slightly_smiling_face:

i want to make a basic stuff :slightly_smiling_face: a mesh at the center of the web page and can rotate it. I don’t setup Blender, just put a mesh on the scene. Me feeling on the interaction is that the rotation is not at the center of the mesh

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Understood. And yeah it isn’t - by default the component just tries to find a point on the closest surface.

Can you try to answer me the question here? Im trying to better understand your normal blender workflow and where you would expect an option for e.g. “set the background color” to be

really? it’s strange because the mesh has a pivot origin

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Yes but you are rotating the camera and not the mesh here

for exemple in this exemple the pivot is center: HTML AR Overlay | Needle Engine

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or this exemple: Portal Rendering | Needle Engine

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