Scene customisation in Blender

Another newbie question here I’m afraid!
I was trying to work out how to make manual customizations to the three.js scene exported through Needle.

Typically, I would have looked at the html project folder structure, looked for a JS file somewhere and reverse engineered what I wanted to change/edit…

For instance, one thing I wanted to try was to reduce the blur on the HDRI skybox - (changing this blur value in the blend file doesn’t seem to be picked up in the needle scene export)

That’s just one example - it would be good to know how to hack about in the project files more generally.

I think this is probably very well explained for Unity in the Scripting section of the Documents, though for someone with my experience (or lack of it!) it’s a bit tricky to know where or how to start or how to reinterpret for Blender…

If anyone has come across some simple end to end examples that explain in very basic terms how to get started I’d be very grateful! :pray:t2:

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Hi there,
you can reduce the blur in the blender viewport settings if the world toggle is disabled or in the world settings (if the world toggle is enabled). Or if you have an camera component (via Add Component) on your camera iin blender it also has a slider for the blur :slightly_smiling_face:

In general if you add components to your scene in Blender they will be loaded with the GLB and created, that’s why you dont see code for them in the web project folder. The Unity and Blender scripting do match 1:1 (so everything in regards to scripting for Needle Engine in Unity applies the same way in Blender)

I think I can help more if you have more examples of what you’re trying to archieve or want to change / hack

What you also can do experiment quickly is using Needle-engine - Vite Template (forked) - StackBlitz which has a little bit of code in the main.ts file to gain access to the threejs scene and all content

Thanks as usual @marcel :cactus: - do you mean this World toggle?

Thanks also for the pointer to the ts file - I’ll see if I can understand a bit better after looking through this …

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Yes, - but you can leave it as is.
By reducing blur you mean the environment reflections or skybox blur in the background?

I want to be able to see the background more clearly in the online scene. I want to ‘fake’ AR with custom HDRI which is not blurred#

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Can you check your camera if you have a Needle Engine “Camera” component on it (in the object properties)

I had no camera at all - probably explains a lot

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Ah ok then we create a default camera. Currently that’s a limitation we have since the “camera component” has the background blur info - so if you dont have a camera at all we’re not able to export that information. We’ll change that in future versions. That’s why the “Blur” in the skybox in Blender did have no effect.

Sorry about that :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes sense - now I just need to work out how to give the Camera orbit control etc rather than be a fixed POV

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DOne - thanks

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