How to change the default orientation and background of the camera in the Sandbox

In the Sandbox demo, how do I make it so the camera has starts with a different position, rotation, or background? I see the SyncCamera GameObject and the Camera GameObject with OrbitControls, but I don’t see how to change the properties in question. When I change the Transform values of these GameObjects and their children in the inspector, nothing changes or in the case of the camera with Orbit Controls, the value is locked. Where is the yellow background that is in the Sandbox scene by default defined?

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If you go to Window > Rendering > Lighting > Environment you can see the Skybox Material, this holds settings for the skybox in Unity. This is what’s used for the scene as well.

And the camera has a LookAt constraint, so you can move the camera and you can move the target

It may be a bit confusing that the scene camera is nested in “Content”

Ah thanks, I got it looking how I want now. I’ve never changed the Skybox material in a unity game before now, so I was unfamiliar with the process of making a new material and setting it from the Lighting Environment window. Also, with the Content Camera, I didn’t realize that you can only change the position value of the Transform which automatically updates the rotation.

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It updates the rotation because of the LookAtConstraint component - it is used to set the OrbitControls look at position. You can set the assigned “CameraTarget” gameobject to change the point if you want to.

You can however remove the component and the reference and then set your Unity scene camera (camera transform) manually too :slightly_smiling_face: