Animation Sprites (Spritesheet animationclip)

Hi Guys, I’m trying to use Sprites animated by Animator Component, it works on Unity viewer but it doesn’t work on local build. are Animated Sprites supported by Needle at this point? have Someone docs about it?

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Hello, could you share an example or show some screenshots where / how you animate sprites?

sure. I had the sequence image then I created a sprite sheet, slice it and add all frame into a animation clip, then I added it into an animator controller that its linked on the Animator component. The animation and everithing looks fine in Unity viewer but when I try to play it on needle on my browser on it doesn’t show the animation. If you can give me a clue about how resolve it it will be nice :smile: thanks


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Oh I see - I dont think that’s implemented right now. Do you think you could share the files with me? (You can use the Help/Needle Engine/Zip Scene for it)

Sure, so… there¿s no way to add 2d animations at this point?

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I’ll have a look at your files and see what needs to be done :slightly_smiling_face: will let you know

Perfect, thanks a lot Marcel. :wink:

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So we’re missing two things:

  • spritesheet tracks are not exported (which slice should be displayed)
  • spritesheet slicing info seems to not be included in the exported data

I’ll added it to our list. Until then you could add your texture to a normal quad and add a little script to animate the displayed index using something like they share here: javascript - Three.js Using 2D texture\sprite for animation (planeGeometry) - Stack Overflow

Ok, got it, so I will try it on that way, thanks Marcel. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@chiwaka3085 we started implementation of exporting spritesheet animation yesterday btw

Nice marcel thanks, I hope try it soon :D!!!

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Here’s a preview :slightly_smiling_face: Marcel Wiessler: "#Unity's Spritehsheet animation (using an Animato…" - Gamedev Mastodon

that’s perfect Marcel!!! that’s exactly what I need, I’m waiting for the next update to use it!!!

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@chiwaka3085 just released a new version that adds animationclip support

Changed the channel name: Animation Sprites (Spritesheet animationclip)

Nice!!! Perfect Macel thanks a lot, I will try it then and see how it works. :smile:

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