Weird bug in passthrough on Quest pro with sample scene from website

I tried opening this - Room Tracking & Passthrough | Needle Engine

on my quest pro and selected passthrough, I’m getting a really weird behavior, on the controllers. and can’t control anything

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Hey :wave: can you make sure that you don’t have any pending updates?

on quest pro? Sure i will restart and retry.

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latest versoin. happing again after restart , only in Passthrough not in VR

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I see, i’ll file an issue internally.

Thank you. did you manage to reporoduce it locally?

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Sort of, on Q2 it doesn’t work ideally as well.
Tomorrow we will test on Q3 :cactus: :slight_smile:

Thank you again for pointing it out.

Sure thing!

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Hey @SoundGuy2 I was able to reproduce this. Seems a recent change that uses anchors for better AR placement doesn’t fully work on Quest – either we’re doing something wrong or anchors aren’t quite right there.

Either way, the sample is now updated so the page should work again.

And the code hotfix to not use anchors for AR placement on Quest should also go out latest tomorrow.

Great! thanks!

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The change has been released in 3.23.0 :slightly_smiling_face: