Same space app sample?

I forgot the name of this thing, maybe it’s Shared Anchors, but I want to know if there’s already work on a sample where two people with headsets (let’s say Quest devices) with passthrough AR, can see an augmented reality object both as the same location in the physical world and if there’s a sample scene for that yet?

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While the official Shared Anchors tech isn’t available for WebXR all our apps support same-space AR - just have everyone (phone AR, headset AR) place the session reticle on the same physical spot and orientation

Of course a fully automatic setup would be cooler :sunglasses: but we found people don’t mind so much, and works cross-platform

i see. Is there a sample for the recitle creation proccess?

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It „just works“, no need to do anything on your end

When you go into AR on device you’ll see that white placement circle, when you tap the session root is placed there

hmm. i don’t remember that because i probably didn’t use an AR scene and was focusing on Presence Platform, but i’ll try to look for it again

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You can try e.g. in the Collaborative Sandbox sample - having a phone and a Quest in the same space makes for very nice mixed reality recordings

All the copresence and mixed reality recordings in Discord have been made that way, for example

Yeah I remember that from the hackathon!

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i just don’t remember seeing it form two devices

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