Strange Behaviour of AR Content when Viewed in VR

Hi :wave::slightly_smiling_face:… and a belated Happy New Year to you all :partying_face:

So… I’ve got a bit of a weird thing going on with projects that I’ve created.

When a user is wearing a VR headset and opts to view the content in AR via passthrough, the content is instantly rocketed skywards (and off out into deep space? :sweat_smile:) the moment the reticle places it.

The attached vid shows a randomly picked project (:link: We Are Not Alone ) that was created and tested with the following:-

Mac OS Ventura 13.6.3
Unity 2022.3.9.f1
Needle 3.22.6 * NE 3.25.5 * Node v 20.10.0
Meta Quest 3

Another more recent project (:link: New Year at Cartoonfun ), made with a more recent version of Needle, also suffers from the same AR (in VR) rocket-launch :rocket: weirdness. :thinking:

Any ideas as to what’s happening?

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Hello Frannie,

Happy New Year! :tada:

It seems you’re encountering an issue with augmented reality content placement when switching from VR to AR passthrough. The described behavior suggests there might be an issue with how the transformation from the VR space to the AR passthrough space is being handled, potentially involving world position, scale, or anchor point discrepancies.

To assist you better, I would need to review the relevant pieces of code from your project, particularly those handling the transition from VR to AR and the placement of AR content. If possible, please provide the sections of code that deal with this functionality using the VR and AR components from Needle Engine.

Do you have a script that specifically manages the transition from VR to AR, or are you using built-in Needle Engine components to handle this? If it’s a custom script, looking at that would be particularly helpful.

Please make sure to only include excerpts from your project that show how you’re handling the VR to AR transition and content placement without sending full scripts or proprietary information.

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Thanks for your feedback!

Hi thats a known issue right now unfortunately. We are currently working on a new webxr system doesnt wont have this bug - we hope to have it publicly available in the next one or two weeks

Fab, cheers for the info Marcel. Onwards and upwards :grinning::+1:

by user 908977119781060648