WebXR Timeline Audio Issue

Hi all

I’ve encountered a problem regarding the use of spacial audio. The problem isn’t specifically Needle-related (at least I don’t think it is) but I wanted to post it up in case anyone else has experienced anything similar and knows of a workaround - or if, perhaps, there’s a Needle workaround for it?

When audio is played from a Unity timeline that’s been exported to WebXR the spacial attributes don’t seem to exist. Despite having all the settings for spacial enabled the tracks just play as 2D.

The issue appears to be confined only to tracks which are in timelines. If tracks are played straight from the ‘audio source’ then all the spacial stuff works just fine.

Just wondering if there are any tips, tricks or fixes out there?

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Hey, does the timeline have an audio source connected to the track?

There’s two modes in Unity: if you don’t have an AudioSource as the target of a Timeline AudioTrack, then the sounds will play 2D without any modifications; if you have an AudioSource as target that should be used for playing back the clip.

(Well possible that we don’t properly handle that right now, so thanks for reporting anyways!)

Hi @herbst🌵 … yup, to confirm, I have an audio source connected to the track and that’s what’s being used.

I did find some similar… ish… problems referred to on a few Unity forums, so it’s probably a Unity thing.

It might be worth looking into sometime… but it’s definitely not urgent :slightly_smiling_face:

by user 908977119781060648