Spatial Audio Demo Error

Unfortunately the demo doesn’t run from unity. Do you have a tip? unity 2022.3.16f1 / Engine 3.29.0

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Hello there – we have an experimental AI bot :robot: that might be able to help you with your question. Would you like to try this out?

Hey :wave: Can you check that you have all npdefs assigned in the Needle Export component?

Please screenshot the Needle Export component for me :slight_smile:


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I think the sample needs to be updated @kipash :cactus: (changes in OrbitControls)

Yes, please

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The methods got renamed to setCameraTargetPosition and setLookTargetPosition if you want to fix the script yourself in the meantime @matmat

I will try it. Thank you

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Thank you for reporting the issue :+1: It will be fixed in the next samples release :slight_smile:

now it’s working. Thank you all

by user 684154017479524352