Transparent material visible in an involuntary way

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I’m working with URP Material and I have two questions.
First : I used transparent materials to fade it. But I have several problems with objects visible in an involuntary way. Like the object is behind but it’s visible too and the opacity of the wall in front of him is to one so normally it’s not visible.
For example, this sphere (with URP transparent material) behind a wall (with URP transparent material too) which should not be visible.

  • I saw that the Scene Render Pipeline is deprecated now, so what script we should use for URP using with Needle ?

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Hi @AeistDesmos ! Transparent objects are sorted back-to-front based on their pivot points every frame and then rendered. One consequence of that is that it’s often better to split up transparent objects that enclose other objects into multiple pieces with logical pivot points, so that the render order is better.


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For example, a transparent cube that has transparent objects inside of it should be split up in 6 parts with the pivots at the center points of the sides or even slightly outside the sides. The pivot points can be used to control the render order somewhat.

There’s ongoing research for 30+ years for what’s called “Order-Independent Transparency” but none of that is really good yet; in some cases you can get away with dithering (so technically everything is opaque but things use subpixel dithering to have a number of alpha levels), depends a lot on your models / usecases

Generally the transparency behaviour should match pretty close (or even exactly) between what you see in Unity and what you see in Needle Engine - does it behave different for your usecase above?

And to your other question about Scene Render Pipeline: I talked to Unity and they will un-deprecate it, they simply didn’t see the value and I explained them what we and lots of companies use it for - it’s coming back :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for all of this explanations !
I understand, to answer you : yes on unity the “transparent spher ebehind the wall” is not visible, only on three js
I’ll try your suggestions, thanks again

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