Tools directory missing?

What would cause this when generating a new project

Tools directory does not exist at "C:/Unity_Projects/projname/Temp/@needle-tools-npm-tools/node_modules/@needle-tools/helper"

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If we can reproduce this error it would be great! What stacktrace does it have? And which Engine+Unity version is it?

It happened when I changed the project folder on the export component to a new folder to generate a fresh project for the project (I was using a sample scene that I wanted to save into its own project for further use).
Closing/reopening Unity resolved the error as I assume it deleted the temp folder and refs to it

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Yes that’s right. Thanks for the steps, will try that later

Which Unity version are you using?


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The error has returned when I do a Full Export and Play however since doing the previous steps

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I can share the project

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