Timeline Error and timed out waiting for instance

Hi there! Today I’ve tried to fix some animation issues, and used recorder to record them, so I can bypass the offsets problems. But after I fixed everything, I’ve tried to run the website to check, but ran in those errors. NullReferenceException sends me to some Timeline Window. Any ideea why? In browser I have those errors.

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Hi, can you show the stacktrace of the ArgumentException error? Otherwise we cant say where the error is coming from

And also for the NullReferenceException


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What about the Nullreference error?

All it was pointing towards was this. But now it’s gone, I think was because I had overlapping animation tracks.

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Can you try to restart Unity?

and perhaps check that this setting is not set to None (none of these should be “None” actually)

Maybe the Editor Log file contains some more information as well.

This one?

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The settings were not set to none

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Thanks thats helpful

Can you send your current scene as a bugreport? I’d like to see what the cause for this is

of course! Thank you!

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Did you received it?

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wow the recorder produced a terrible animation clip

Oh my god…okay, I should remake it.

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It’s still a bug in UnityGLTF. We’re adding a fix for that