Texture Arrays not supported in custom shader export

I have the exportshader tag and its an unlit shader and I think I followed the documentation tips for the shaders

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Solved the issue in DMs with the OP.

More high res image of the shader graph:

Sample Texture 2D Array Node and Texture 2D arrays are not supported.

Although, same effect can be achieved with a flipbook:
(Only issue with the Flip book, is that the UV’s X axis is flipped on the web)

So that would be the solution here.

With the Texture 2D array, while exporting to the web, it verbally writes this error. So it’s a good practice to watch out the log for these kind of clues:

Indeed, texture arrays are currently not supported - there’s right now no equivalent to them in glTF unfortunately

Changed the channel name: Texture Arrays not supported in custom shader export