Screen space UI limitations?

Is screen space UI responsive? Are there any major limitations with the newly added screen space UI I should be aware of?

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It’s responsive - current known limitations are that we dont have the Horizontal or VerticalLayout components or ContentSizeFitters implemented

Quick test scene in samples (using HorizontalLayoutFitters, they are baked then, meaning the pixel sizes in Unity are baked)

here’s an internal test scene with Overlay <> toggles and responsive UI

Also: if you export fonts you need the Font Assets for e.g. Bold or Italic when selecting the styles. This will change in a future update when we add SDF font support

Thanks for the examples, this is really exciting stuff!

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I hope we get an agnostic multi-scene navigation bar sample we can drop into our projects. :grinning: Thanks for implementing what you have so far. Leaps and bounds over the previous “This is the way.” :wink:

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with multi-scene navigation bar you mean an sample for how to implement the UI for switching scenes?

Here’s a dirty quick example. And of course an option to make it vertical on the left or right side. Bonus points for slide or no animation slide out from the top or left, right sides. I think a lot of people would find that sort of sample useful, at least a base to start from. I would add in my use for full screen view, a little tab to show a menu is there, if that makes sense. I can do a visual if needed? Making sure that the user knows how to keep the navigation menu persistent through all scenes in the project.

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+1 to this and yes, we’re looking into making UIs such as this easier

Thanks herbst.

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Working on layouting


That’s looking great @marcel :cactus: ! I’m sure many will appreciate this UI update. Thank you.

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Thanks @Rotaramis


I AM STRETCHY! I see a UI based game coming out of this update. :coolcat: :wink:

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Im definitely looking forward to actually using it in a project :sweat_smile:

Can the text size autofit the space it has? :eyes:

Is there support vor the Canvas Scaler yet? I tried it out but at least on my monitor, there is no difference

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