Canvas integration

Hello there,

Sorry for a so simple question but, I would like to add an UI in my project to display score, life etc classic stuff.
I used Canvas as World Space Render mode as the documentation says, I add an RawImage in there (white) but I doesn’t see anything.

What did I missed ?


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It looks like your canvas is huge?

Hmm could be but Does the size is taken in count ?
It’s not render “on the screen” by default in all the canvas ? Regardless of the size and position of the canvas ?
Do there is a sample for that ?

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I need to put the SceneRoot in the canvas I think

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no a world space canvas is placed in worldspace - the size and positioning in the world matters.

You can find a sample in Samples Projects | Needle Engine Documentation

you need to put the canvas in a GltfObject (exported gltf/glb)

Ok I find it
It’s could be cool to add the screen space overlay for that :wink:
Or I will try to do the overlay with html component

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If you want screen space you could parent to the camera and put it as close as needed to the camera near plane.

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That only works “kind of” tho - since it will not be possible to anchor anything that way and things might be cut off depending on screen sizes

Yes It was an idea but too approximate sans I used HTML

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