Canvas renderer issue

I got an issue with some scripts in this case specifically the canvas renderer doesn’t seem to be working properly, I already reinstalled needle but the issue persists, anyone can point me in the right direction?
The canvas and any UI in it is not showing at all in the wegbl build.

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Hey, is the canvas set to worldspace?

yes it is but here’s the other suspect

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The canvas scaler and renderer both dont exist. I think the error is a bit misleading. Could you try selecting the ExportInfo component and hold ALT before clicking the Play button. It should say “Full Export & Play”

will do

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Currently that mainly means: it clears the cached types and collects all scripts again

If that doesnt work try restarting the vite (?) server
And if that doesnt work try doing a Clean install (ALT + Install button)

I’ve done all of them, same results, no UI showing at all

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Do you get any error on export in Unity and/or in the browser?


You’re using RenderTextures?

I’ve got a quad in the canvas hierarchy with a render texture yes, should I remove it?

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I went ahead and removed it, still can’t see UI rendered

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Ok, after removing the render texture (which wasn’t supported by the videoplayer anyway) I made a few other canvases and I’m testing them in both desktop and VR, now I can see the canvases partially, first image is what I should see, second is what I get in browser, where the item of the left of each of the two canvases are not being rendered… In VR it gets a bit weirder, the images flicker in and out of existence depending on the angle I move my head. my next question would be: is there a way to get the VR cursor input to activate a button?


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Regarding RenderTextures and VideoPlayer: actually did a little bit of preparation for that last night but didnt get to try it with the VideoPlayer yet so that might work soon

Did you figure out why they didnt appear in the first place? Was it just because of the RT?

Looks like anchoring issues in the second image. What anchoring settings are you using there?

Which headset are you using? Buttons should work out of the box and pointer events should just work (You need a GraphicRaycaster on your canvas) - in VR do you see the controller rays?

I think the problem in the first canvas is the only thing in it was a button and it was too small, probably the same issue with the other canvases about it rendering in certain angles, but I’m about to confirm.

The anchoring of the background image is just stretch to cover the canvas and the six images under it are just anchored to the center…

I’m using a quest via link, so the build runs on my pc browser

in VR I do see the rays, and I do have a Graphics raycaster on the canvases, but can’t interact with the buttons yet

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Scratch that, I can interact with the buttons it was the buttons event that wasn’t working as expected, but that’s on me

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