How to resize and reposition UI/canvas based on browser window size?

how can i resise and reposition my ui when we change the brower window size? i want it it adjust according to window size. can we do that using typescript code? what API can we use ?

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Are you using screenspace ui? You should be able to just use the anchoring options in the RectTransform

I’m using world space, as screenspace is not for needle, i guess

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What do you mean by “as screenspace is not for needle” ?

when the project opens on browser it shows that screenspace is not supported

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Which version are you using?

It was added in a version in 3.x

I’m using a version from 4 months back

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how to update it btw?

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Either using Unity’s PackageManager or by checking the footer of the ExportInfo component. It should show a button when an update is available

4 months back could be version 2

it is showing 2.67 to me for update(package manager)

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I updated but somehow now the npm is not starting nor the local server

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Installing Needle/CollaborativeSandbox
CMD=“npm install --install-links=false --progress=false --no-audit --no-fund”
at: R:\gitHub\website 4\Needle\CollaborativeSandbox

at void UnityEngine.Debug.Log(object message)
Task Needle.Engine.Actions.BeginInstall(string installCommand, string path, bool showWindow) in

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also in scene window it gives a message saying failed to laod server

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Do you have any other messages? Perhaps check with the release notes when v3 was initially released to make sure your project is setup correctly (you might want to restart unity too)

Or Release 3.1.0-exp · needle-tools/needle-engine-support · GitHub