Question about limitation of people at the time (12-20 people)

Hello again.

I have a question. How many people does Needle support at a time: 12-20 per room, or 12-20 per build?

In other words, could I create 20 rooms with 20 people in each one? Or a total of 20 people regardless of the number of rooms?


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Hi! So if you deploy a project to Glitch, the instance running there is strong enough to support ~20 people at the same time on that instance aka on that Glitch page.

That’s basically limited by the strength (or lack of) of these tiny free virtual machines that Glitch runs projects on.

So “total per Glitch instance” is ~20, depends a bit on how many messages you send etc - that ballpark number of 20 is “20 people sending around 3 transforms per frame” as for example when you have VR avatars.

This is related: Discord

TL;DR is basically “that’s currently how it works, we’re thinking about providing some service that optionally allows you to run rooms on our infrastructure instead of tiny glitch instances”

Thanks for your answer.

One last question. I uploaded the project to my apache hosting, which doesn’t support gzip and the teamwork feature doesn’t work either. In that case, would there be a problem with the limitation of users? I would think not, because the teamwork function is not working.

by user 801298590676156416

If you don’t have a room open / don’t need networking the only limit is your server strength (usually even tiny servers can serve thousands of pages per second)

Just make sure you don’t have any networking components in your scene

You can disable gzip compression in vite.config.js by removing this line (14)
viteCompression({ deleteOriginFile: true })