Issues with Needle Networking - user got kicked out of room on idle or switched other screen

Hello everyone,
I have this doubt. My user got kicked out of room on idle or when switched to other screen after sometime. How to increase this network room kick-out timer value or how to disable it completely??

In ‘SyncedRoom’ class I’ve seen that if ‘autojoin’ is enabled, it creates the two instances of the same user. Don’t understand why there are 2 instances of the same player???

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Hi, the timeout can be configured in the networking package on glitch. Please see here defaultUserTimeout Networking | Needle Engine Documentation

I tried the same. I’m getting kicked out somewhere at 30 seconds all the time

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Where do you edit this line. How do you host your server?

Right now it is using default Glitch server.

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In ‘Networking’ class, Localhost variable set to -

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You mean you deployed a new Glitch page from Needle and now have adjusted the code there? If you edit something in “” that’s not persistent